Our No.1 Choice.

Toshiba. Creating the best heat pumps

Developments in technology and innovation is based on time and experience. Over its 40-year history, Toshiba have continually invested, designed and developed their heat pumps, to bring you cost-effective and efficient climate control for residential, light commercial and commercial use.

Technological advantage with Toshiba

When you chose a Toshiba system you are choosing the latest technology in air conditioning units.Toshiba are the innovators and creators of inverter technology, a technology that has seen the most significant development in heat pump efficiency. Toshiba today continues to maintain this technological advantage over its competitors.

Leaders in climate control

The recent development of the exclusive DC Hybrid Twin- Rotary Inverter Compressor system has reaffirmed the Toshiba ability to innovate and maintain technological leadership in the heating systems industry.

Innovation now, for the future

Being innovative is one thing, being innovative and caring for the environment and future generations is what Toshiba strives for.

Toshiba combines technological development with care for future generations – the result is a range of the most efficient heat pumps, that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the source.

Toshiba places high importance on partnering only with international companies that carefully evaluate the impact of new technologies on our environment.